An Overview: What’s the need for keyword

Keyword research and placement is one of the integral aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. This helps the business target words that are most used while searching for a particular product or service. When a particular brand uses these sets of words, it becomes more visible and accessible to the target audience. This is one of the most imperative marketing strategies, in the digital content space.

Importance of Keywords 

  • One of the most crucial goals of SEO is to place a website, high in the search engines so that visibility increases. This will help to drive organic traffic to the website through the search engine result pages.
  • The keywords are a bridge between the brand and its offerings and what the customer is looking for.
  • Keywords describe and express explicitly what the products are all about. Moreover, it helps in improving the ranking.
  • This research will even help to map and understand the target audience, the brand is looking for. Digital content in the form of webpage content, eBooks, videos and images can be designed for that particular target group. Thus it will help in creating a domain of an engaged audience.
  • Prospect-specific content increases conversion manifold. If it is the right audience, the browser-to-buyer conversion rate shoots.
  • While researching and placing keywords, the business comes across other relevant and similar keywords. Hence they tend to create more specific content, engaging a wider target group.

The process to search keywords for brands 

Keyword research is not a random activity. There are certain steps to be followed that will help you to understand and get relevant keywords needed for your business website.
Step 1:Decide on the topics

The first and foremost thing is to decide the topics, related to the products and services offered by the business. You need to brainstorm and zero down the topics that need to be ranked high for increasing brand visibility. For this, you need to think from the consumer’s perspective and understand their needs and requirements. Digital marketing agencies have SEO experts on board, who help with the monthly search volumes of each topic. This enables the business to gauge how crucial the topics are for their brand visibility.

Step 2:Understand different types of keyword

The business needs to understand different genres of keywords and what are their implications. Head keywords comprise 1-2 words and come with massive search volumes. Body keywords comprise 2-3 words and come with fairly high search volumes. Long tail ones are phrases that are very specific to the brand and its products.

Step 3: Analyse search intent

Search intent helps to find out what keywords to select and the intention behind people’s searches. When the search is purely research-oriented, it is called informational. When the browser wants to visit another webpage, through the brand website, this search is called navigational. If a person wants to purchase, it is referred to as a commercial search.

Step 4: Use keyword research tools 

The best and the wisest idea is to work on keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, SECockpit and KWFinder. These tools will help come up with more enhanced keyword ideas, based on your matched words and phrases.

Follow these steps and streamline the process of keyword search and placements. This will make the website SEO-enabled and help you to achieve higher rankings in the search engines and augmented visibility.